Keep it Disco Presents: GlamouRatz ~ 14/01/17

It can be said that a good Disco is alike to the timeless staple of french cuisine, the crêpe. Sweet or savoury, it can be enjoyed by all, excluding only those with a prejudice for gluten. Just like a good Disco, a crêpe is the result of a perfect execution of knowledge, patience and skill, rolled up in choice of flavours so eclectic that not even a sandwich would compete.

Come Janurary 14th we invite you to join us as we present our latest à la carte menu featuring a live performance from Melbournes GlamouRatzalong with Freda and Keep it Disco’s own Brudo & Hux.

BYO Unadulterated Fun
Secret Inner West Location
– No Door Sales – Tiks ~

Keep it Disco w/Misty Nights ~ 10/12/16

Come December 10th, we prime the haze and fasten the mirror balls once again as Melbourne’s Danny Hotep & DJ Salmon Barrel journey north of the border to bring you MISTY NIGHTS.

Cut sick, cut loose and cut shape as the duo permeate the good vibes alongside Hani Hanbali & Keep it Disco DJ’s.

BYO Unadulterated Fun
Intimate Inner West Location
Tiks – – No Door Sales –

Keep it Disco w/Andee Frost ~ 18/06/16

Like a fine wine, Keep it Disco has matured a step further and is ready to be cracked open and shared with friends and a dance.

From Detroit to Dapto, from Rosé to Redfern, digging from only the finest sonic palate with cuts that have almost certainly aged better with time, this vintage is sure to be a treat for both ears and tastebuds.

From the fruity sensations of Euro Disco to the Classic flavours of the New York Sound, you’ll be swirling glasses to spinning records while swinging hips like never before.

Adding to this illustrious occassion, Cake Wines will be celebrating the release of its much anticipated 2016 Rosé (more details to come), a dryer, and somewhat European coastal trip with notes of strawberry sorbet all-round. A smashable afternoon ahead!

Taking us on our journey through Disco, Animals Dancing Honcho & facilitator of the 7+ year running House de Frost…
Andee Frost ~
+ Ariane
Power Suit
Lauren Hansom

$10 on the door ~ Cake Wines Cellar Door ~ Saturday 18th June

Keep it Disco w/Noise In My Head ~ 19/12/15

What lies within Disco? The Cosmic, the Afro, the Euro, the Italo, the Rap-O Clap-O, a precursor to what we now know simply as House? Come one, come all, the 19th of December for our final Disco Pow Wow of 2015, from LA to New York with a flyover Suriname.

Getting down Saturday Night and serving out our Soufflé of Love, Brudo & Hux along with FBI Dance Class recruit Lauren Hansom, while head chef NOISE IN MY HEAD will place the cherry on the pie.

Free Entry ~ GoodGod Small Club ~ Saturday 19th December